VOLO – a tool for SUPER-influencers

Do you want to be even more attractive for big partner companies? Share your inspirational VOLO list, from which individual products can be easily copied by your followers to their wish lists.

How to use VOLO list

  1. Create your inspirational list on VOLOwishlist.com
  2. Refer to your inspirational VOLO list from your influencer profile or blog.
  3. Inspire your followers.

You can have any number of thematic wishlists on VOLO app (children’s toys, cosmetics, clothes, …)

Update your wishlists centrally from the VOLO web or mobile application.

How will VOLO increase your market price?

When you mention a product in a story, video or article, this message will only reach your followers.

When you add a product to your VOLO wishlist your follower will add it to his wishlist. But that is only the beginning. Because VOLO is a small social network,the product’s URL will be seen by all his friends at least 3 times:

  1. VOLO notifies them after adding a new wish
  2. Before the birthday, when they come up with a gift
  3. Before his aniversary
  4. Before the Christmas

It will be an honor for advertisers to be on your VOLO wishlist!

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Where can I find a link to my inspirational VOLO list?

In the browser

  1. Click on the name of your inspirational wishlist
  2. In the “Influencer” tab you will find your link for followers:
  3. Copy and share anywhere:

How to get an influencer link to VOLO

In the mobile application

  1. Open the wishlist you want to share
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right
  3. You will find the text link at the bottom of the screen

Influencer link - mobile app

Do you have an idea for improvement, other use, or a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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