Shopping list application

Are you looking for an application that is more efficient than a paper shopping list or your mobile notes?

VOLO’s Shared shopping lists are easy to use and save so much time!

Download the mobile application shopping list VOLO:


Automatic food sorting for clarity


Easily share with other household members using PC, Android, or IOS


Check up on your last updates to avoiding calling home on updates

Automatic Sorting of Foods

aplikace nákupní seznam iphone android

VOLO’s shopping list app automatically sorts food items according to supermarket shelves. VOLO organizes your food items from dairy, to meat, to pastries. You no longer have to sort through your long shopping list!

Sharing with Your Household Memebrs

Thanks to the sharing function of the app, each member of the household can add items just as soon as they’d like. Nothing will ever be forgotten.

You can now update your shopping list via the mobile application for iPhone, Android, or in your average web browser of choice!

Is the List up to Date?

The VOLO Shopping List application displays information about the last update you made. You no longer have to call home and make sure your shopping list is updated! The VOLO Shopping List saves you time and energy

And how do you manage your saved time?

Download the mobile application frocery list VOLO:


Automatic sorting of food according to shelves, for better clarity


Easy sharing with other household members on PC, Android and IOS


Information about the last update so you don't have to call home to see if the list is up to date

VOLO shopping list application is available for iPhone with iOS, mobile phones with Android, but you can also use it in the browser on Windows desktops and mobile phones.

So what do you need to buy?

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