What address does
Santa Claus have?

There are more and more good children, so Santa Claus had the VOLO application programmed ( Latin “wish” ), which gathers the wishes of children and adults from all over the world.

You no longer have to googlit what the address is for Santa. Just fill in your VOLO wishlist.

The address for Santa Claus is: www.VOLOwishlist.com

Create your wishlist in the VOLO application

Enter your wishes in the web or in the VOLO mobile application after logging in. Feel free to write them down here all year round, so that you don’t forget anything and Santa Claus has something to choose from.

You can fill in completely general wishes, or, conversely, specify everything down to the smallest detail, including a link to the e-shop and a picture.

Download your mobile application

Their parents can create a separate wishlist for young children in their profile.

Santa Claus immediately sees every completed wish in his application immediately. And what are your wishes?

Write to the list below your wishes and send him family to book!

Santa Claus can’t do everything alone

Santa Claus is also mistaken, and he is not in a position to fulfill all the wishes of children and adults. Therefore, it is good in the application copy the secret URL of the list and send it to the whole family .

What Santa does not buy, the remaining adults can book and buy for Christmas or, for example, for birthdays.

Booking gifts it’s secret and the list owner just won’t see it so he doesn’t lose his surprise.

Do you already know what address Santa Claus has?

Well, after all VOLOwishlist.com

Use his app at any age and say goodbye to inappropriate gifts:

Download your mobile application


according to your ideas


Forget it
for 2 identical gifts


Grandma can handle it too

Do a good deed at Christmas

In Santa’s application you will find a section of charitable wishlists, in which you can fulfill the wishes of those most in need

We wish you a Merry Christmas

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