Gift list application

Do you like system and order? VOLO application will tidy up your gifts.

You can create your gift list in the browser or in the mobile application on iPhone and Android:

List of gifts for me

Create your wishlist continuously throughout the year. Once you are interested in something, add it to your VOLO wishlist.

Easily send the link to the list to your family , which can view it without having an account created for VOLO:

Download your mobile gift app:

Write to the list below your wishes and send him family inspiration!

Gift reservation system

Thanks to the gift reservation function, you will not receive the same gift more than once. However, if you do not want to, you do not see the reservation, so you will not miss the surprise.

The list of gifts in the VOLO application has many uses:

  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas application
  • The first Christmas with a baby
  • Booking wedding gifts

List of gifts for friends

Gifts are about joy. And the greatest joy is the opportunity to give other gifts that will really please and surprise them.

In the VOLO app you can create a list of gift ideas for your friends. As soon as something occurs to you, pull out the mobile application and make a note of it immediately. Before Christmas and birthdays, you will primarily choose from your own ideas (which you would otherwise forget) and only then will you rush to booking wishes from their wishlist.

How do you like the application? Write us 😉

Download the VOLO gift app:


according to your ideas


Forget it
for 2 identical gifts


Grandma can handle it too

Gifts for good deed

In the VOLO application you will find a section of charitable wishlists, where you can fulfill the wishes of those who need it most

We wish you a pleasant gift

I like do you have a gift list app? tell about VOLO friends.

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