Christmas application,
saving time and money

Today, the toaster also has a mobile application, so it will probably not surprise anyone that Santa Claus also has his Christmas application. It’s called VOLO and we’ll show you how it can save time when coming up with gifts.

Christmas app for babies and adults

The VOLO web and mobile Christmas application connects donors with the recipients. This Santa Claus app fights against such inappropriate gifts that will surprise you, but they will definitely not please you.

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VOLO is used by teenagers, adults with refined taste, but also fresh mothers who, with the help of a baby wishlist, avoid a flood of 50 bad-sized spikes from the whole extended family under the tree.

Thanks to the gift reservation system, you get what you want:

Write to the list below your wishes and send him family inspiration!

Look at my wishlist

Fighting inappropriate gifts is very simple. Who knows you well, always hits black with a gift. Others will appreciate it when you send them a link to your Christmas or birthday wishlist. In the VOLO application, you can insert inspiration for gifts into the wishlist exactly according to your ideas in various price levels.

The VOLO Christmas app allows you to add tips for gifts from any e-shop, but also romantic wishes that you can’t buy on the e-shop, such as “Babysitting for the whole weekend”

Booking Christmas gifts

An intuitive gift booking system ensures that you do not receive the same gift from more than one person. VOLO takes care of the moment of surprise, so the recipient does not see the reservation.

Other interesting features of the VOLO Christmas application:

  • Write down your gift ideas all year round directly to your friends at VOLO
  • An inspirational feed with gift tips, created directly by the VOLO user
  • Birthday commemoration
  • Monitoring of discount codes
  • Do a good deed by fulfilling the wishes from the charity wishlist

And how does Santa Claus use the Christmas app?

Any wishes that you enter in the VOLO application will automatically be displayed to Santa Claus. But he may forget something. Therefore, it is important to send a link to your wishlist to the whole family.

Anyone with the link can book a gift without your knowledge, so you won’t miss a surprise.

Everyone wants to send a link from the app to a wish list. They don’t have to have an account in the app at all.

Download your mobile application


according to your ideas


Forget it
for 2 identical gifts


Grandma can handle it too

Christmas good deed
In the application you will find charitable wishlists in which you can fulfill the wishes of those most in need

thank you for your help

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