A letter to Santa

Adults and children write their letters to Santa Claus online via the VOLO application:

  1. Create your wishlist
  2. Send a link to your family
  3. Look forward to great gifts

Santa Claus reads letters at VOLOwishlist.com

Letter to Santa from your child

Letter to Santa Claus for adults

Download Santa’s mobile application

Write to the list below your wishes and send the link to your family:

Letter to Santa – Template

A few lines above you will find a sample list in which you can insert tips for gifts for yourself or for your children.

You can insert links from any e-shop, but also wishes that cannot be purchased (take care of our kids).

You can add any message for your loved ones. Just click int othe description field and write your own text.

Even after saving, you can further edit the list at any time

Santa Claus can’t do everything himself

Every wish you add to the VOLO wishlist is automatically seen by Santa Claus. But for sure, we recommend send a booking link to the whole family.

Gift reservation system – Christmas gift registry Gift’s reservation is secret and the list owner won’t see it so he doesn’t lose his surprise. However, if you create a letter to Santa for your baby, you can see the reservations.


What is santa’s address to send a letter?

Why look for Santa’s address? You can write to him online via the VOLO app…

Download the mobile app to write a letter to Santa Claus:


according to your ideas


No more
2 identical gifts


Booking gifts made so easy,
your Grandma can do it

A letter to Santa from children from orphanages

You will also find the “Good Deeds” section in the VOLO application. Here you can buy a gift for children celebrating Christmas without a family.

We wish you a Merry Christmas

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