Booking wedding gifts

When organizing a wedding, no one knows where to jump first. So why not at least simplify your work with booking wedding gifts, when the VOLO web application can automate them for free?

Application for booking wedding gifts:
PC, Android and iPhone

Wedding gifts or money?

Nowadays, people often live together before the wedding, so they don’t need all the equipment. But especially grandmothers want to give a material wedding gift so that you have some memory from them. If you want to avoid impractical gifts, help them by creating a list of practical wedding gifts that you would buy over time anyway:

Write to the list below your wishes and send him family to book!

Add inspiration to the list of wedding gifts at different price levels so that everyone can choose here.

Keep the list up to date, either via the web , or a practical mobile app VOLO, which can be downloaded for iPhone and Android:

Download your mobile application

How about money instead of wedding gifts?

In the VOLO application you can fill in the introductory description of the wedding list. Here is an ideal place to enter an account number to cover wedding expenses.

How to send a list to wedding guests?

Each wishlist in the VOLO application is assigned a unique URL. There are many ways to deal with it:

  • insert into facebook events
  • Insert a link to the wedding website under the Wedding Gifts tab
  • Insert it in the form QR code to the wedding announcement
  • Build whole wedding wishlist to your wedding website as an iFrame

What does the application for wedding gifts solve?

The wedding gift app solves a lot of things for you:

  • Wishes you can change and add at any time. The changes will be immediately reflected on the wedding website
  • Anyone with a link can book a wish a few clicks without having to contact you.
  • No one will bother you or the wedding coordinator due to a change or cancellation of the reservation. He can handle everything on his own.

Does Grandma seduce me too?

The VOLO wedding application is designed so that every Internet user can book a wedding gift. For older family members, you can bring a phone number to an authorized person in the description of the wedding wishlist, who will book a gift for anyone from their account. But it will still cost her much less work than if she had to keep an up-to-date list of reservations in Excel…

VOLO will help you even after the wedding

Volo is a lifelong application:

  • After the wedding you can create in it babywishlist with equipment for the expected baby
  • Then it awaits you babyshower and the first Christmas with a baby
  • You can use the app for the whole family o Christmas and birthday to get just great gifts

We believe that our wedding gift application will save you time and energy on more important activities.

We wish you a perfect wedding 🎉

Download your mobile application


Wedding gifts
according to your ideas


Forget it
for 2 identical gifts


Grandma can handle it too

What should I wish for as a wedding gift?

  • Vouchers for shared experiences
  • Household equipment
  • Sport equipment
  • Building material, if you build
  • Baby equipment
  • things that you would buy over time anyway …

In the application for booking wedding gifts, you can easily fill in the account number in the description of the list, where the wedding guests can contribute to your expenses …

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