How to share your baby wishlist

to your family and friends

Your baby will get only great gifts that both of you like …

The most important advice:

  • Write the list in the My Wishes section, not in the Shopping List section
  • Do not write gifts to the default list – This one cannot be renamed
  • Create the special baby wishlist by clicking the button bellow the deafult wishlist
  • Sharing links are to the right of the list title

Create a new “baby” wishlist

Keep the deafult wishlist only for you 😉

Create the special baby wishlist by clicking the button bellow the deafult wishlist or the button in the left menu

In mobile app , you will find the button “+ NEW WISHLIST”

Add your gift ideas

  • You can add name or exact URL into the title field
  • Mobile app helps you to save your ideas wherever you are
  • On desktop with Chrome, we recommend to use the Volo button

Share your baby wishlist

Share the reservation link to all your family via the sharing icon

If you want to be surprised, don’t look on the shared URL not to see the reservations. But sometime it is needed … 🙂

Anyone ( even unregistered ones ) with the secret reservation link can see your inspirational baby wishlist.

Any changes you make in your wishlist will take effect under the same link.

Good advice:
Make friends on Tomikup and they will see your wishlists even without having to share a link …

Pro tip for advanced users:

Does your baby have an email?

You can also create a separate account for your baby. This solution has some advantages:

  • Your partner can also add his gift ideas
  • Baby’s birthday will be visible in the gift timeline (“My friends” section)

Log in to your baby’s account and ask your adult account for a friendship

Is anything unclear? Feel free to write us on our Facebook page steed contact form .

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