My birthday

Do you want to get what you really want, need or suit for your birthday? Let us know about your wishes!

What do you wish for your birthday?

A question we often can’t answer right away. When someone asks us, we don’t remember anything, even though we’ve been fascinated by so many beautiful things during the years.

At the same time, it would be enough to keep writing nice things on the wishlist as soon as you think of them:

Write to the list below your wishes and send him family inspiration!

Booking birthday gifts

When you tell everyone your wishes, communication may fail and two people buy the same gift. Or one of them will tell you that he will buy it and you will lose your surprise on the day of the celebration.

The VOLO application includes a system for booking gifts, so your friends will share them and you without your knowledge you will not miss the surprise . Isn’t that great?

Download the mobile birthday gift registry app:

Wishlist/ gift registry on your mobile

If you are interested in something, use the mobile app, which is made directly for gift lists.

In the VOLO application, you can clearly write down gift ideas for yourself, but also for your loved ones …

Download the birthday gift registry mobile app:


according to your ideas


No more
2 identical gifts


Booking gifts made so easy,
your Grandma can do it

Not only birthday registry:
You can use VOLO as christmas registry, wedding wishlist, or you can share gift ideas for your children.

You can create as many wishlists as you wish and share links to your friends or family.

I like do you like our birthday gift registry app? Tell your friends about VOLO:

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