Wedding gifts

Make it easier for those who want to gift you on your special day! You won’t get five kettles or twenty iron boards

You can easily create a list of wedding gifts in the VOLO application. You can send a link to it to your family, or you can effectively integrate it into your wedding website.

Grandma can also handle the reservation. Due to the great-grandmothers, write a contact to the gift coordinator in the description of the list:

Write to the list below your wishes and send the inspiration to your family!

Your gift registry always up to date

You can edit the list of wedding gifts even after its sharing. Either on the website, or via a practical mobile gift application:

Download the mobile wedding registry application:

You can use VOLO even after the wedding

You can have any number of wishlists in the VOLO application. When the wedding one is out of date, delete it and create a list with baby equipment 🙂

Write the things you like in the default wish list during all the year, and when someone asks you “What do you want for Christmas” or “What would you like for your birthday?”, Simply send them a link to your wishlist gift registry.

Download the mobile wedding gift app:


Wedding gifts
to your liking


Forget about 2 identical wedding gifts


Booking wedding gifts made so easy, your Grandma can do it

You can insert the gift registry on your wedding website in the form of a link or via the so-called iFrame, so it fits perfectly into the style of the website.

So do you know what to wish for a wedding?

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