For Little Naughty Ones

Grandparents are always vying to give your kids more presents… And yet they only need two things – – a new bike and a dinosaur.
Send them a list with the reservation system to avoid extra toys!

Their rooms won’t get any bigger and toys will always get louder!

Think ecologically and economically and ask for gifts that make sense!

Make a list of gift for the baby
according to your ideas:

Always up to date thanks to the mobile app

Whenever you come up with a great gift idea, write it down in the VOLO application:

Download the baby gift registry mobile app:

Gift reservation

Anyone you send a secret link to or make a friendship with in the VOLO app can book a gift from the gift registry.

VOLO protects the moment of surprise, so you can’t see the reservation. But if you need to know what the child will get, simply look at the sharing link.

VOLO is not just for children

Let’s be honest. Do we want gifts that will sit in our rooms accumulating dust because we don’t want them? Or do we want gifts that will really make us happy?

The answer is probably clear! So VOLO is prepared to let you create an unlimited number of wishlists for you and your family on Christmas and birthdays!

Use the default gift registry for your own wishes and create the second one for your child.

Once you’ve connected with your family on VOLO, you can also directly write down your gift ideas onto their profile. You’ll be able to see their organized wishlists!

We wish you a great gift-giving experience!

The VOLO Team

Download the mobile app


Gifts for your kids
according to your wishes


No more
2 identical gifts


Booking gifts made so easy,
your Grandma can do it

Wolo gift registry helps you all the year:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Christmas gift reservation
  • Baby shower
  • Hanukkah
  • Aniversaries
  • Wedding wish list

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