The first Christmas with a baby

Are you waiting for the first Christmas holidays with an infant? Grandmothers and aunts often prepare for them even more intensely than mothers.

Avoid inappropriate or recurring gifts . Save your grandmothers’ wallets and your non-inflatable apartment:

How to enjoy Christmas with a baby

At Christmas, the whole family usually meets, which is a sign of a lot of visits and travel. Coping with all that Christmas rush with an infant is not easy. So don’t be afraid to set rules . Visitors must understand that a small child also has a certain regime at Christmas that must be followed. Prepare all participants in advance and everything will be easier.

If you go somewhere to visit, it is good to arrange a meal in advance. Will the aunt she visited need to prepare a side dish? Won’t something be too bloated for lunch? It is better to clarify these things in advance, not to stress on the spot.

Pre-Christmas preparations

Christmas, of course, involves many preparations. People usually clean, cook, bake, fry more… Don’t worry if you don’t do any of this year. Your baby and caring for him should stay first. Believe that a six-month-old child does not appreciate a tidy apartment, but rather calm mom . Try to ask your grandmother or friend for help with baking.

Create an inspirational wishlist for your family with the things you really need and the toys that are to your liking.

Write gift tips for your family:

Create your baby wish list below for a test. Click on the title to change the name. You can just as easily rewrite the list label and sample wishes:

Write to the list below your wishes and send him family inspiration!

Booking gifts for baby

You can send the link to the baby wishlist to the whole family, and even after sending it, you can continuously add it directly after logging on to www. , or from the VOLO mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Everyone will book a practical gift they want to buy here, so you won’t get anything more than once.

To your wish list You can also fill in links to specific eShop or images.

You can also define current sizes so that your loved ones don’t waste money on points that were small a month ago.

Shopping list

In addition to the gift wishlist, you can also create in the Tomikup application smart shopping list for everyday shopping. The items in the list compare themselves by shelf, so your purchase takes less time.

That is all our advice. We hope that nothing will surprise you on the holidays and that you will have a peaceful Christmas with your baby.

Download your mobile app for baby:


Gifts for baby
according to your ideas


Forget it
for 2 identical gifts


Grandma can handle it too

First birthday gifts

My mother knows best what she misses at home for a one-year-old toddler and what gifts she would actually use. So help the family with tips for practical birthday gifts that will make your baby happy.

Thanks reservation you will not receive any gift twice.

The bigger it will be list of gifts , the better 🙂 Everyone chooses a gift in their price category.
Write down your ideas as soon as they come to your mind with help Mobile application or your browser extension .

Just start wishing:

I like do you have an app for babies? tell about VOLO’s friends:

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