Baby equipment

It’s unbelievable how much a newborn really needs. Let your loved ones know what will really come in handy for you and your new baby!

Oh, the twentieth pacifier already?

Isn’t it a pity that grandmothers throw away money for things you’ve had at home for a long time, when you’re still missing so many other things in your outfit?

In addition, you can insert a link to save them time and keep the equipment in the style you like:

Write a list of what the baby really needs and send the gift registry link to your family:

Mobile gift registry app for baby

You can continuously update the baby wishlist directly on the website, or via a handy mobile app:

Download the baby registry mobile application:

Booking gifts for baby

In the VOLO application you can have unlimited number of wishlists for you and your baby. For each gift list, you will find a URL that you can send to your family. Anyone you send a link to will see the baby wishlist and can book any gift from it so that you don’t get ten identical bodysuits.

You don’t see reservations in the booking app so you don’t miss out on a surprise. If you need to know what is left to buy, you can see the reservations on the mentioned sharing URL.

Download the mobile app VOLO baby gift registry:


Baby Gifts
According to your Wishes


No more
2 identical gifts


Booking gifts made so easy,
your Grandma can do it

VOLO baby gift registry will help you anytime:

  • Baby shower
  • Christmas with newborn
  • Baby birthday

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