Christmas Gifts

Let Santa know what you want online! Write the gift you would like to receive, add a link to a specific e-shop, and look forward to its arrival!

Write you Christmas wish list into your Christmas registry and send your family inspiration link!

Download the mobile application:

How does booking Christmas gifts work?

Once you send your wishlist (or your children’s wishlists) to your family members, anyone and everyone can then book what they are going to buy! That way, you won’t get the same gift from two different people!

You won’t see who booked which gift and so your gifts will always be a surprise!

If you ever need to see the reservation to see what you can buy for children, simply click on the URL of the list you shared and click on “Consent to Violation of Santa’s Secret Letter”

Make friends on the VOLO app

Besides booking gifts, you and your loved ones can also ask you for friendship. This makes it easier for you to see their wishlists!

After making a friendship, you can view each other’s wishlists, saving you time whenever you want to choose the right gift!

Download the mobile application:


Christmas Gifts
according to your wishes


No more
two identical gifts


Booking gifts made so easy,
your Grandma can do it

Stress-free Christmas presents

Write down gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones

Use the Christmas gift reservation to avoid meeting two identical gifts

Create a special wishlist for your children and send it to your grandmothers for inspiration

It’s time to start wishing for nice things

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