The best application for gifts

Mobile applications make life easier for us in almost every area of life. No wonder, then, that gift applications are also becoming increasingly popular.

The VOLO gift app will help you come up with gifts and their subsequent reservations .

VOLO fights against inappropriate gifts

The gift application called VOLO fights against the unecological uneconomical and throwing away money for gifts that no one wants. How does he achieve this?

  • Wishlist allows users to add any wish with the ability to specify all the details
  • Your gift ideas here you can clearly write down to your loved ones here all year round
  • Inspiration section it is available to you if you have not made a note of anything in the whole year and that you have not chosen anything from your friend’s wishlist

The best gift ideas come whenever you need them. Thanks to the VOLO application, you will never forget your great gift ideas for yourself and yours.

The gift app is available for both iPhone and Android:

Download your mobile application

or write your wishes right here
and send the list family:

Gift booking application

The VOLO app contains a reservation system for gifts. Thanks to it, everyone can easily book what they buy from your wishlist, so you will not receive the same gift from different people. 

The gift booking feature has many uses:

  • Booking wedding gifts
  • Booking gifts for baby
  • Booking Christmas gifts
  • Booking birthday gifts

Gift app on mobile and computer

You can conveniently update your wishlists in the mobile application for iPhone with IOS and Android mobile phones.

If you prefer to buy gifts from a computer, you can log in to your VOLO account from a computer browser.

Don’t be ashamed to talk about the right gift

Many people answer the question “What would you like for Christmas” somehow automatically “I don’t know. I have everything ”. Sometimes it’s a false modesty, other times they just can’t remember anything, even though they’ve been fascinated by so many beautiful things over the years.

But if you don’t ask for a gift, you force your family to improvise. The result of their time and money can be a gift that you will never use. 

Behave ecologically and send them a link to your wishlist from the VOLO gift application:

Download your mobile application


according to your ideas


Forget it
for 2 identical gifts


Grandma can handle it too

Volo is a gift app which saves the whole family time and money. For the money saved, you can do a good deed directly in the application.

It’s time to make a wish:

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